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Introducing The Rockland-Bergen Music Fest

Pollstar - June 3, 2014

Located on the German Masonic Fairgrounds in the hamlet of Tappan, N.Y., the festival takes place June 29 on the borders of New York�s Rockland County and New Jersey's Bergen County.

Leaning heavily on the singer/songwriter side of music, it shouldn't be surprising that the festival was founded by a musician. Not only is Joe D'Urso the man behind the dream, but the Stone Caravan leader is also handling most of the heavy lifting, from securing the location to booking the acts as well as working with the food vendors. As if that wasn't enough to pile on one person's plate, D'Urso is also arranging the festival's charity connections.

"I've been thinking about doing this for some time as I felt the Rockland and Bergen counties were underserved when it came to something like this," D'Urso said. "Also, with Pete Seeger's recent passing, it was the catalyst to get me to finally commit to organizing this particular festival which also coincides with my 50th birthday in late June. I think you could say that mortality was a motivation! I had the opportunity to work with Pete a few times over the years and his inspiration, along with Harry Chapin's and Bruce Springsteen's, run deep in me."

The fest features nationally known acts as well as regional stars. In addition to the above-mentioned artists, the Glow Stage, hosted by Rich Russo of radio's "Anything Anything," has James Maddock, Tom Chapin, John Eddie, McMule, and D'Urso with Stone Caravan. Meanwhile, the Seeger Stage serves up a talent-packed lineup featuring The Levins, Tim O'Donohue, Arlon Bennett, troubadour Chris Brown, East Coast singer/songwriter Kevin Cronin, Bobby Mahoney, Joe Rapolla, Peter Elkas, Anthony D'Amato, Alice Leon, George Romano, Roby Dye, Over The Line and Bobby DiBlasio.

There will also be plenty of tasty consumables with food and beverages provided by local vendors such as Jack Ford, Tequila Sal Y Limon, Denise Marie Catering and Sixpoint Beer.

A portion of ticket sales benefits several charities, including WHYHunger and Light Of Day, both of which count D'Urso as one of their board members. The festival also supports the Dan Sullivan Foundation, Volunteer Fire Association of Tappan, Orangetown Auxiliary Police and Rockland County Widows & Orphans Fund.

Tickets, $42 general admission and $22 for students, are on sale now. What's more, the Rockland-Bergen Music Festival is offering a deal you probably won't find anywhere else - folks born in 1964 get in free. Yes, you read that right. For more information visit

--Jay Smith