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Christine Martucci

Christine Martucci

Saturday, June 22
3:20 pm - 4:00 pm
Glow-Seeger Stage

Christine Martucci is renowned for her soulful tenacity, kind-hearted interaction and emotional songwriting, pulling heart strings and opening minds all across the country.

Raised in a musical family, Christine has music in her soul. She has her own grass-roots following dubbing themselves the "Tucci Train". Martucci's bunch literally made it possible for her to outdraw headlining national acts by showing up in droves to cheer her on and support her newest projects.

Christine has a very diverse voice which can range from angelic to a rock and roll raspy style powerhouse. Her stage presence is as powerful as her voice and will leave you wanting more. Catch her with her performing acoustically, with her amazing "Band of Love" or touring as Janis Joplin with Glen Burtnik's "Summer of Love" tour.

Asbury Park, NJ is Christine's home base. Touring the country is her dream, and she is living her dream every day!